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1  General Category! / Introductions&farewells! / Re: Whats up on: January 28, 2010, 03:08:22 pm
Hey, welcome to the forum Smiley we hope to have you hear for a long time. The forum is still being added to so just bear with us Wink
2  General Category! / How to cure disease! / Curing Gill Disease on: January 27, 2010, 09:43:41 pm

Rapid gill movement + swollen or discoloured gills. The fish are likely to stop feeding and may gasp either at the surface or laying motionless on the bottom.


Gill desease is caused by infections of fungi, bacteria and parasites. Also, poor water quality is likely to be a contributing factor.


Having good water quality is a good first step in treatment. This includes avoiding overfeeding and overstoking and carrying out frequent water changes. It may be necessary to add anti-bacterial treatments to the water. It also may be necessary to treat with formalin or copper based medicines if gill parasites are suspected.

3  General Category! / How to cure disease! / Curing Fungus on: January 27, 2010, 09:26:31 pm

Cotton looking growths on the body of the fish, its usualy greyish-white. Some deseases can be mistaken for fungus such as mouth fungus, which is usualy caused by bacteria.


"Fungal spores" are always present in the aqarium. An outbreak usualy occures after damage to a fishes skin or gill area, and as a secondary infection.


Their are commercial anti-fungal remedies that can be used to kill/destroy fungus and prevent it spreading. Most of the medications availible for treating fungal infections will also treat bacterial infections in case of mis-diagnosis.

4  General Category! / How to cure disease! / Curing Finrot on: January 27, 2010, 09:14:10 pm

The fins will become opaque and ragged, erosion of fin will most likelly continue until it reaches the base of the fishes fin, after this the fish will usually die.


Caused by various bacterial species, they are normally present in aquarium water, but will not infect healthy fish. The desease is usually triggerd by poor water quality, and/or whare fin damage has occured, wich is often caused by fin niping fish.


Commercial anti-bacterial remedies to kill the bacteria and stop the damage. These include Waterlife Myxazin, and Iterpet #8 Anti-Fungus and Finrot Maracyn by Mardel Labs.

5  General Category! / Guides! / What Fish for What Tank on: January 27, 2010, 06:47:53 pm
These are suggested fish that would go well with diferent size tanks.

18in-46cm tanks

Cape lopez lyretail
Dwarf or Pygmy Puffer
Celestial Pearl Danio or Galaxy rasbora
Panda Cory
Black Neon Tetra
Neon Tetra
Cherry barb


Killifish species
Microrasbora species
Betta species
Dwarf corydoras species
Boraras maculatus
Ember tetras
Sparkling gouramis
Honey gouramis

24" - 60cm tanks

Dwarf gourami
Adolfo's cory
Branze?Albino cory
Three-line cory
Silver hatchetfish
Black Widow tetra
Buenos aires tetra
Glowlight tetra
Serpae tetra
Threadfin rainbowfish
Paradice fish
Neon rainbow
Dwarf Pencilfish
Dwarf otocinclus
Cardinal tetra
Pentazona barb
Tiger barb or Moss green barb
Harlequin rasbora


Glowlight danios
Dwarf danios
Corydoras Sterbai - Sterbai cory

30" - 75cm tank

Bristle-nosed catfish
Agassizi's dwarf cichlid
Cockatoo dwarf cichlid
Macmasters dwarf cichlid
Peppered cory
Zebra danio
Ram cichlid
Rosy barb
Black ruby barb
Golden barb


Kuhli loach - Panio species
Pearl danios
Danio rerio var. frankei - Leopard danios (Spotted morph of zebra danios)
Danio roseus
Danio kyathit
Clown pleco
Hillstream loaches - Need specialist care

36" - 90cm tank

Siamese algae eater; Should be at least 16" wide
Red-tailed black shark; Should be at least 16" wide
Red finned shark; Should be at least 16" wide
Flying fox; Should be at least 16" wide
Bleeding heart tetra
Lake Kubutu rainbowfish
Banded rainbowfish
Angelfish; Tall tank needed
Pearl gourami


Skunk botia - Aggressive!
Horsefaced loach
Upside down catfish
Western rainbowfish
Congo tetra Should be at least 16" wide
Yellow congo tetra Should be at least 16" wide
Brochis splendens

48" - 120cm tank

Blue acara; Should be at least 20" wide
Yo-yo loach or Pakistan loach; Should be at least 16" wide
Zebra loach
Red rainbowfish; Should be at least 16" wide
Boeseman's rainbow; Should be at least 16" wide
Silver dollar; Tall tank, Should be at least 18" wide
Red Line Torpedo barbs; Should be at least 16" wide
Red Scissortail; Should be at least 16" wide
Firemouth; Should be at least 18" wide
Blue or Three-spot gourami


Botia kubotai; Should be at least 16" wide
Botia histronica; Should be at least 16" wide
Botia dario; Should be at least 16" wide
Giant danio
Botia rostrata; Should be at least 16" wide


Cloun loach; Do lots of research, tank should be at least 36" wide
Common pleco; tank should be at least 30" wide
Bala shark; tank should be at least 36" wide

This is not the complete list of fish. If you want to add more fish please pm me.

DISCLAMER: this idea and these fish were borowed from another site, however it was redone into a nicer neater profile that makes it easyer for users.

6  News! / Suggestions! / Adds on: January 27, 2010, 04:19:06 pm
Would it be posible to eliminate the comercials, they are somewhat destracting, and the site would prob be better off without them
7  General Category! / Introductions&farewells! / Hello on: January 27, 2010, 03:32:28 pm
Hi, im Corycor, im a member on another forum too. I have a 110 liter (29 gal) tank that is in the proces of seting up Cheesy and a 5 gal nano that has some tetras in it Cheesy

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